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Grant Review Process & Timeline

The Grants Committee of the Board of Trustees and the Foundation’s staff review applications, and may ask additional questions to clarify aspects of the funding request during the review process or request further information.

A site visit may be requested of organizations whose proposals best match the interests of the Foundation; site visits do not constitute a grant commitment. Knowledgeable people in the field may be consulted for their confidential comments about a pending funding request.

Those applications which demonstrate the greatest potential for carrying out the mission and funding priorities of the Foundation are recommended to the Board of Trustees at its annual May Board meeting where funds are allocated. Grant payments begin the following July.

Grant recipients are asked to sign a grant agreement which includes submission of a final project report describing their progress in meeting goals and expenditure of funds. At the completion of the grant period, all unexpended money must be refunded to the Foundation unless prior approval has been given to extend the grant period.

Feb - Mar:  Staff & Trustee Review
April:  Site Visits or Follow-up Phone Calls (if needed)
Late May:  Board Meeting and Grant Award/Decline Notification