Center City Housing Corp

Focus Area: Early Childhood

Grant Amount: $15,000

Based in Duluth, serves statewide. CCHC provides supportive housing to homeless families with children, providing 495 units at several locations in Duluth and recently expanding to Rochester. To serve the children in its housing, CCHC created the Tots of Tomorrow (TOTS), a drop-in respite program consisting of structured group time and home visits. The primary focus of programming is through a mental health lens addressing the effects of trauma and homelessness on the children.

Grant supports adding to CCHC’s Rochester TOTS program a new component called Parent Village, which grew out of conversations with parents to meet a need they have identified. Parents will come together in a group setting to get more information and learn about support systems for their children. In addition to the group, goals and activities are integrated into the home to support children.