Wayside Recovery Center

Focus Area: Early Childhood

Grant Amount: $10,000

Located in St. Louis Park. Established in 1954 to provide shelter and support for women who were homeless, today Wayside is a residential treatment program where children live onsite with their mothers during treatment that addresses both addiction and trauma. Wayside continues to broaden their work confronting the many issues that impact a woman’s ability to recover from addiction, including focusing on compounding life factors: poverty, physical and sexual abuse, unemployment, homelessness, poor physical health, and the stress of unsupported parenting.

Grant supports piloting a new model of treatment specifically designed to be culturally appropriate for African American clients, a group not well served by previous treatment options. Clients will stay with the program an average of 89 days, which provides an opportunity to begin treatment, and are then connected with aftercare resources. Wayside hopes to eventually expand the program so it can serve the needs of fathers as well as mothers.