We support high quality direct-service programs for children ages 0-12 in the areas of early childhood and youth development as well as advocacy efforts that raise the level of public awareness and commitment to the well-being of children.

Successful Grant Requests:

  • Promote the healthy development of children and are preventive and/or intervene early through innovative and effective strategies for delivering high-quality programs.
  • Involve the population who will benefit from the project in its planning, implementation, governance, and/or ongoing evaluation and have a strong base of community support.
  • Provide opportunities for family engagement in programming.
  • Has a culturally appropriate program design.
  • Have an ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement.
  • Demonstrate sound governance, management and good fiscal health.
  • Partner with other organizations to avoid duplication and maximize efficiencies.
  • Use clear methods to evaluate the program’s outcomes and impact.