826 MSP

Focus Area: Youth Development

Grant Amount: $13,000

Located in Minneapolis. Founded in 2009, 826 MSP (previously called Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute) empowers underserved K-12 students to think creatively, write effectively, and succeed academically with the help of volunteer coaches. 826 MSP offers 5 free in-school and out-of-school writing programs: after-school writing lab through the school year, storytelling and bookmaking field trips for 2nd-4th grade classes, the Writers’ Room satellite space located at South High School, the annual Young Authors’ Book Project that results in a professionally published anthology, and creative writing workshops on weekends and in the summer.

Grant supports environmental and nature-themed writing and literacy summer camp for children ages 6-12. The camp will include week-long units on poetry, narratives, writing for performance, and will end with youth creating a project in the genre of their choice. Youth who are currently participating in 826’s after-school writing lab will be a priority; the majority of these children are English language learners.