Baby’s Space

Focus Area: Early Childhood

Grant Amount: $15,000

Located in Minneapolis. Baby’s Space is a nationally accredited, 4-Star Parent Aware-rated child development center for families living in poverty. Founded in 2000 as an age 0-3 childcare facility for families in the Little Earth of United Tribes development and surrounding Phillips neighborhood of south Minneapolis. The majority of staff are Native American, and the program is highly culturally responsive. It offers child and family services from pregnancy to 3rd grade, including year-round, full-day childcare and public K-3 education through Tatanka Academy.

Grant supports the program Healing Our Children, Healing Ourselves, which is building staff and parent capacity to provide trauma-informed and culturally responsive circles of supports for their children and families. Given that the community Baby’s Space serves has suffered both historical and ongoing trauma, these services are essential to ensure children’s success. The program includes intensifying trauma-informed training for staff and parents.