Southside Family Nurturing Center

Focus Area: Early Childhood

Grant Amount: $10,000

Located in the Phillips neighborhood of south Minneapolis. SFNC has been providing services to families in south Minneapolis experiencing trauma for the past 45 years. It offers therapeutic early childhood education, including play therapy and music therapy, home visiting services and family support services. In 2018, it identified a need for a culturally relevant home visiting program and identified the Family Spirit model as appropriate.

Grant supports growth of the Family Spirit home visiting model, including hiring a new Native home visitor in addition to the two current home visiting staff. SFNC has adapted this evidence-based home visiting model to assist Native, Latinx, and Somali families at risk of abuse and neglect in the Phillips neighborhood. Family Spirit was developed to support young Native parents gain knowledge and skills in social emotional development to help their preschool-aged children. SFNC has adapted the curriculum to serve Latinx and Somali families. In the Covid-19 crisis, SFNC has been able to adapt to meet virtually with families 2 to 3 times a week for shorter periods, because families are stressed for time with children at home. Levels of trauma are high, making this trauma-informed care especially important.